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Hiya, my name's Jonathan Yeong 👋.

I'm a Staff Software Engineer at Flexport, previously, Shopify. Currently, based in Toronto, Canada. I've worked with Ruby and Typescript across both microservices and monoliths. I have lukewarm opinions on architecture but strong opinions on developer experience. My passion lies with mentoring and coaching others.

I've been a mentor at The Collab Lab, and frequent the Virtual Coffee community. I also spent a year stint as a manager. Where I realized how much more I could help those around me. I also found out the hard way how easy it was to burn out - a story for another time!

I also tinker with a Youtube channel, build in public on Github, and infrequently post on Mastodon, and Twitter. If you're interested in working with me, or chatting about anything developer you can DM me on socials or email me at hey[@]jonathanyeong.com.

Fun fact: It's taken me 32 years but I finally know how to keep plants alive 🌿.

Jonathan Yeong's face.